there’s not enough bruce banner on my dash and i’m fixing that 1/ 


hi, i hope i'm not bothering, i know you said you like onision, but he's done some really horrible things including telling fans to kill themselves outside of his videos and on forums, in person etc. when he knew they were uncomfortable (he did it to me when i was still a fan). he's also said and done some really transphobic and biphobic things. he has also been abusive to many of his exes and one of his exes wrote a letter about how he raped her. onision isn't that great a guy. sorry to bother!

When I say I like Onision, I mean I like him as a creator. I enjoy watching his videos and I agree with almost everything he says in them, and when I say I enjoy watching his videos, so far I’ve really only been watching the more recent ones. I like the fact that he’s 0% bullshit in his videos and doesn’t sugarcoat anything because the truth is something I hold most dear to me too, and I think the world would be a much happier place if everybody was honest with one another.

I have no idea what kind of person he is outside of his videos, nor am I interested. I don’t pay attention to his social media besides YouTube and I don’t actively seek out info on his personal life because that’s none of my business. I have no right to judge and nor does anybody else because they don’t know him, they don’t know his exes or anything about him. I’m not defending him, nor am I supporting him. I’m supporting his CONTENT as an entertainer, and that’s all that I’m interested in.


Becoming older than 10 years old was the biggest mistake of my life.


Why sleep when you can stay up late every night being sad then feel like shit the next day? 


The is the most real shit I have ever heard in my entire life. Onision speaks truth!


Will I always be so gross and perverted?


Hey everyone so since I’ve finally reached my goal of 600 followers, I said I was going to do my PS4 giveaway and here it is! First I would like to thank everyone for their support and being so friendly.

I have to give a huge shout out to my girlfriend elizabethcomstalker because I couldn’t have done this or gotten this far without her.

So let’s get to it!


- You must be following me as this is a giveaway to my followers. (I will check!)

- The winner will get to choose between the PS4 Destiny bundle which I have pre-ordered or the standard black PS4 I have and a choice of ANY game. I will even pre-order a game for the winner.

- I WILL ship internationally.

- I will be using a random generator to select the winner.

- Likes and EACH reblog will add your URL to the draw. But please do not spam. If you were following me before I made this, your URL is automatically added 5 times.

- I will NOT announce the winner, I will inbox the winner and give them 48 hours to respond, if they do not I will proceed to pick another winner using the random generator.

-  The items will be used as to I will still use both of them until the giveaway ends so sorry the Destiny bundle won’t be brand new.

- If you have any questions you can message me.

ENDS OCTOBER 1ST. (Good luck everyone!)